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  • Loghman Pharmaceutical & Hygienic Co.
    Loghman pharmaceutical & hygienic Co. is located in Tehran, Iran and is one of the most leading manufactures in production of Comprehensive collection of wide-spectrum antibiotics, Cephalosporins, penicillins, macrolides, Betalactamase &… in different dosage forms with high rank among pharmaceutical companies.

  • 25th Iranian Colledge of Internal Medicine
    25th Iranian Colledge of Internal Medicine was held from May 20th to May 23th in Razi Conference Sallon.

  • loghman
    The Production Division of Loghman Pharmaceutical Co.

  • loghman
    The Production Division of Loghman Pharmaceutical Co.loghman

  • Loghman
    Loghman co. was established in 1968 as a private joint stock with registration No. 12461 in 1968 .It was registered under the name of I.D.I familine and was authorized to manufacture wide range of pharmaceutical products since 1979. After Islamic revolution,It has expanded its production under the name of Loghman pharmaceutical and hygienic company.


The Production Division of Loghman Pharmaceutical Co. is equipped with modern,high capacity production machinery which produce wide range of pharmaceutical dosage forms in various therapeutic categories including cephalosporin,penicillin, macrolide,penem and etc.

In view of continuous growth,our manufacturing's precise is based on GMP regulation and guidlines,according to the latest edition of reliable resources.

And the standards of GMP are observed under supervision of company's specialists.To guarantee the required clinical effect for our product, Loghman acquires its raw materials from the most reliable international suppliers .

Increasing output along with quality has created opportunities for Loghman to expand its reputation in domestic and foreign markets.

At the moment,all of activities of Loghman's directors focused on  Incresing quality  of pharmaceutical Products.


Address: 10th Km Karaj Road (Jadeh makhsoos),Tehran,Iran
Tel: (+98 ) 21 44504121-3
Email: info@loghman-med.com
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